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About me

Ivana Barazi, czech painter


was born in Brno, Czechoslowakia. She graduated at Masaryk University. Since 1968 she lived in the Middle East. Only after the Velvet Revolution in 1989 she could fully express her artistic work in the country of her origin.


Nowadays she belongs to the elite of Brnos fine artists. This paintress evokes a huge personal expression, in which one could find the influence of the Orient. Her oil paintings are free spiritual, pure and very cosmopolitan. Her artistic expressions were kept conservative for many years due to the environment she lived in. She plays with color, shapes and symbols, and her work is often epic and emotional at the same time. Barazi is not true surrealist; she is more of a unique paintress, who uses colors with confidence and courage. Her paintings celebrate beauty of human being, physical beauty of woman's body, feminine imagination and almost pantheism. She is using floral mysticism, and is often going back to the secession. There is no negative element in Ivanas artwork, only felling of unspeakable energy, love, happiness, life humour and amusement. Her paintings always look like a beautiful carefree day. She always works with detail, these days almost forgotten and banished. Ivanas paintings play with your imagination so much that you will start asking yourself questions, at which you could not find an answer. But if we did not ask these questions, that would mean, that our mind and spirit, is withering away.